List of specialized equipment

List of Specialized Equipment in the MHRC

Olivier Birot

  • Harvard Isoflurane anesthesia station
  • Tissue lyser Retsch MM400
  • Imaging station Kodak 4000MM Pro

Rolando Ceddia

  • Scintillation counter (Beckman Coulter LS 6500)
  • Plate reader (Biotek Synergy HT)
  • Temperature controlled spectrophotometer (Ultrospec 4300 Pro)
  • Real Time - PCR (Biorad CFX96)

Mike Connor

  • Kodak In Vivo FX Pro imaging station
  • Hunter apparatus
  • Cell culture electrical stimulator
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Nanodrop spectrophotometer

Heather Edgell

  • Transcranial Doppler
  • AD Instruments package including spirometry, microneurography, arterial stiffness, O2 and CO2 gas analysis, ECG
  • Finometer (beat-to-beat blood pressure)

William Gage

  • 7 camera optoelectronic motion capture system (Vicon)
  • Six 6-degree of freedom force plates (AMTI)
  • Wireless, 16 channel EMG data collection system (Noraxon)
  • XY gantry for perturbing postural control and balance
  • Wireless three-dimensional accelerometers for measuring movement "in the field"
  • HUMAC isokinetic muscle strength testing system

Tara Haas

  • Heraeus Table top centrifuge (up to 100 mL volumes)
  • UV Crosslinker
  • Hybridization Oven
  • Shaking Water Bath
  • Bacterial Incubator with shaking platform
  • Bioptechs closed Flow Chamber for cultured cells
  • FlexCell Fx4000 Cell Stretch Apparatus
  • Gel Dryer
  • Homogenizer
  • MilliQ water purification
  • Arcturus PixCell II Laser Capture Microdissection system
  • Zeiss M200 Inverted Fluorescence microscope with Quantix57 Digital Cooled CCD imaging system and Metamorph image analysis software

Mazen Hamadeh

  • Microcentrifuge
  • Mettler balance
  • Equipment to run Western blots
  • Electrophoresis apparatus
  • PCR machine (Bio-Rad MyCycler)
  • Spectrophotometer
  • HPLC with -ve conductivity dectector

David Hood

  • Real-time PCR system (Applied Biosystems)
  • Cell culture facility
  • Ultracentrifuge (Beckman)
  • Flow Cytometer (non-sorting, BD)
  • Small animal surgical facility
  • Mitochondrial respirometer (Strathkelvin)
  • Muscle contractile activity equipment
  • Fluorescent plate reader
  • Upright and inverted fluorescent microscopes
  • Cryostat for muscle sectioning
  • Rodent treadmills and activity wheels
  • Oroboros high resolution respirometer
  • Qiagen Tissue Lyser
  • Nanodrop spectrophotometer
  • Non-invasive Rat/Mouse blood pressure monitor
  • CareStream/Kodak 4000MM Imaging Station

Christopher Perry

  • Photon Technologies International Quantamaster 80 spectrofluorometer
  • Sartorius microbalance with 10ug resolution ($13,500)
    Cell culture facility (Thermo 1375 biological safety cabinet 4'; Sorvall ST 16R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge, Thermo CO2 cell culture incubator, Formal 990 Ultra Low Temperature freezer)
  • Oroboros high resolution respirometer (3 & 4th forthcoming)
  • Rodent treadmill
  • in vivo microCT imager for body composition in mice/rats

Michael Riddell

  • Rodent voluntary activity wheels and forced activity wheels
  • Muscle stimulator and Power lab in situ muscle stimulation equipment
  • Luminex multiplex
  • Cryostat
  • Metabolic cart-human
  • Metabolic cages
  • Tissue freeze dryer
  • Paediatric cycle ergometer
  • RT-PCR
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Plate reader
  • Imaging station for in situ hybridization

Robert Tsushima

  • 2 patch-clamp electrophysiology setups
  • 2 isolated perfused heart systems
  • Low speed tabletop centrifuge
  • Beckman spectrophotometer
  • Mitochondria respirometer (Strathkelvin)