In order to encourage the continual dissemination of knowledge and research findings, the Muscle Health Research Centre often hosts speakers both from within the university, and from other research institutions.

Speakers that have previously presented their work at an MHRC Colloquium.
Complete list of all MHRC Colloquia Speakers [PDF]

Student Colloquium - February 20, 2015 [PDF]

Anna Vainshtein - PGC-1∝ plays a dual role in exercise induced mitochondrial turnover
Chris Theriau - The effects of altering the adipokine profile on breast cancer cell growth
Sofhia Ramos - Changes in the rat skeletal muscle mitochondrial PLIN3 and PLIN5 protein content following 8 weeks of endurance training and electrically stimulated contraction

Student Colloquium - October 31, 2014 [PDF]

photo of Stephanie WalesStephanie Wales - Global MEF2 target gene analysis in cardiac and skeletal muscle reveals novel regulation of DUSP6 by p38MAPK-MEF2 signaling
photo of Reza KhiabaniReza Khiabani - Postural balance in persons with spasticity post-stroke
photo of Patrick TurnbullPatrick Turnbull - Fibre type specific increase in the lipolytic inhibitor G0S2 following 8 weeks of endurance training in rat skeletal muscle

Student Colloquium – March 14, 2014 [PDF]

photo of Zameer DahnaniZameer Dahnani - Branched-chain amino acid metabolism in differentiating L6 rat muscle cells
photo of Black JinBlack Jin - Smad7 in myogenesis
photo of Nikki NatividadNikki Natividad - Role of SNARE proteins in naturietic peptide secretion by the heart

Faculty Colloquium - December 4, 2012 [PDF]

photo of Christoper PerryDr. Christopher Perry - Evidence that insulin sensitivity is acutely regulated by diet and physical inactivity through cellular redox signalling
photo of Michael RiddellDr. Michael Riddell - Ameliorating hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes using a selective somatostatin receptor inhibitor

Joint Student/Faculty Colloquium - October 11, 2011 [PDF]

photo of Angelo BelcastroDr. Angelo Belcastro - Protein degradation pathways in skeletal muscle: influence of exercise
photo of Keir MenziesMr. Keir Menzies - The role of SirT1 in muscle mitochondrial biogenesis

Joint Student/Faculty Colloquium - February 23, 2011 [PDF]

photo of Michael ConnorDr. Michael Connor - The role of cell cycle in skeletal muscle health and disease
Dr. Jennifer Rose - The role of nucleoside transporters in protecting our most important muscle
Ms. Mandeep Pinky Gaidhu - The link between adipose tissue and muscle health

Faculty Colloquium - October 13, 2010 [PDF]

photo of Mazen HamadehDr. Mazen Hamadeh - Nutrition interventions in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral scelrosis
photo of Robert TsushimaDr. Robert Tsushima - Protecting the heart from ischemic injury

Faculty Colloquium - February 17, 2010 [PDF]

photo of Imogen Coe and familyDr. Imogen Coe - Transporters: making molecules move to keep the heart on track
photo of William GageDr. William Gage - Healthy cartilage may evolve with every step: a balance in cartilage degradation and synthesis

Faculty Colloquium - October 14, 2009 [PDF]

photo of Tara HaasDr. Tara Haas - Supply vs. Demand: regulation of capillary networks in muscle
photo of Rolando CeddiaDr. Rolando Ceddia - Skeletal muscle and adipose tissue metabolism in obesity and type 2 diabetes