Paper of the Month – June 2016

Edgell H, Stickland MK, MacLean JE. A simplified measurement of pulse wave velocity is not inferior to standard measurement in young adults and children. Blood Press Monit. 2016 Jun;21(3):192-5.

Arterial stiffness measurements via pulse wave velocity (PWV) are often restricted by the need for two technicians and expensive equipment. We investigated a novel measurement of PWV which can be performed with a single technician using equipment that is often available in research and clinical environments. We compared PWV measured with gold-standard applanation tonometry to PWV determined from a Finometer Midi finger blood pressure device and a piezo-electric pulse transducer placed on the toe in children and young adults at rest and during hypoxia (a known activator of sympathetic nerve activity). The two methods of measuring PWV were strongly correlated in young adults but not in children. However, finger-toe PWV was sensitive enough to show increases due to hypoxia in both adults and children.

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