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MHRC student, Jacqueline Beaudry, wins PhD dissertation award

MHRC researcher Dr. Kuk finds we overestimate how hard we exercise, as reported in the New York Times

5th Annual Muscle Health Awareness Day

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Dale Abel - April 15, 2014

Student Colloquium - March 14, 2014 @ 3pm, Lumbers 306

Work those mitochondria, Dr. David Hood discusses exercise and our muscles

Benefits of endurance exercise require the p53 protein, new research from Dr. Hood's lab

Research article from Dr. Hood's lab chosen as one of JBC's best papers of the year

MHRC researcher Dr. Perry is awarded a CFI grant for 130K

The MHRC welcomes Dr. Laham and Dr. Wharton as new Adjunct Clinical Members

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Michael Rudnicki - Jan. 24, 2014

Dr. Riddell climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes

International Innovation article features the work of Dr. Hood's lab and the MHRC

MHRC Seminar Series -Dr. Gary Sweeney- Dec. 6, 2013

MHRC Seminar Series - Ms. Marion Pauly - Nov. 5, 2013

Dr. Adegoke is the recipient of this year's MHRC Faculty Award

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Daniel Kane - Oct 15, 2013

Trevor Teich and Elnaz Moghimi are the recipients of the 2013 MHRC Student Award

MHRC faulty members Dr. Hood and Dr. Riddell receive Faculty of Health Dean's Awards for outstanding teaching and research

Dr. Hood's lab finds that regular exercise improves energy distribution in muscle

Dr. Gage's lab finds that younger patients perceive better function after knee replacement surgery

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. James Carson - August 28, 2013

Dr. Anthony Scimè is the recipient of a Drug Discovery Grant to screen 15,000 compounds in stem cells that may assist in weight loss or control of diabetes

MHRC members Drs. David Hood and Tara Haas receive CIHR funding for their work on aging and exercise in skeletal muscle and blood vessel development and high-fat diets

Dr. Gage's lab finds that a narrow gait may slow progression of osteoarthritis

4th Annual Muscle Health Awareness Day (MHAD)

Muscles play vital role in overall health, say experts at upcoming Muscle Awareness Day

Emmanuel Nwadozi (supervisor Dr. T. Haas) was selected for a Bruce Outstanding Undergraduate Abstract Awardee and he was selected as a 2013 David S. Bruce Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awardee at Experimental Biology 2013, Boston, MA.

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr.Guillaume Grenier - April 12th, 2013

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Ilona Skerjanc - April 5th, 2013

MHRC member Dr. John McDermott receives $1 million+ CIHR funding for muscle research

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Sabah Hussain - March 8, 2013

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Jason Fish - Feb. 1, 2013

Lack of energy could be attributable to SirT1 deficiency finds Dr. David Hood

Dr. Jennifer Kuk finds that obese people can improve health without weight loss

MHRC researchers featured in York U magazine: Fighting Diabetes

MHRC researcher, Dr. Hamadeh, dicusses vitamin D and Lou Gherig's Disease (ALS)

MHRC researchers demonstrate that chronic high-levels of stress hormone could lead to heart problems

Dara Slopack, (MSc), received a pre-doctoral travel award to attend the 2012 American Physiology Society Integrative Biology of Exercise.

Canadian diabetic kids compete in international soccer tournament

Canadians overestimate food proportions, new study by MHRC Faculty member Dr. Jennifer Kuk

New associate dean of research and partnerships, MHRC member, Dr. Robert Tsushima

FSE Appoints MHRC Faculty Member, Dr. John McDermott as the Inaugural McLaughlin Research Chair

3rd Annual Muscle Health Awareness Day Photo Gallery

Muscle Health Awareness Day looks at adaptation, disease and development

MHRC graduate students participate in February Research Month

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Patrick Seale - March 23 2012

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Vickie Baracos - February 17, 2012

For diabetics, physical activity improves longevity

Faculty of Health - Research Celebration

MHRC Faculty Members (Dr. Scime and Dr. Tsushima) win Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grants

Faculty of Health to celebrate its innovative research

High doses of vitamin D might affect Lou Gehrig's disease

Muscle health researcher receives national honour

Dr. Enzo Cafarelli is the recipient of the 2011 CSEP Honor Award

Ayesha Saleem wins the 2011 CSEP Graduate Student Award Competition

MHRC Seminar Series - Dr. Bengt Saltin - June 5 2011

Role of stem cells in muscle repair discussed at Muscle Health Awareness Day

CFI awards York researchers $274,000 in funding

Muscle Health Research Student Award - OEP 2011

York study finds diabetes should not deter young athletes

Muscles at core of healthy living: research forum at York U

Six Canada Research Chairs renewed at York for $5.7 million

Cutting calories may accelerate Lou Gehrig’s Disease

York University launches first muscle health research centre in Canada

Regular exercise can turn back the clock for aging muscle

Discovery by York researchers could help break diabetes cycle

York U researchers identify trigger for blood vessel growth

York U camp promotes active living for kids with diabetes

Unused muscles shrink as much as 24 percent in a week: York U researcher

York University research on muscle: use it or lose it

Study finds coffee has benefits for men with Lou Gehrig's disease